Birthparent Out of Prison

Earlier this month, I told you how, one night, a few years ago, I saw my child’s birthparents on the news when they were arrested for committing a violent crime.

Well, last week, I learned that the birthparent has been released early.

How did I know?

A few years ago, I set up Google Alerts for names of birthfamily members for both our children.  My intention was to know if our son’s grandmother had passed away since she lives in another city.

Here’s how to set up Google Alerts.

I set up Google Alerts for my name, my family members’ names, birthfamily names, my blog name, foster care, etc. I receive an email each week with a list of links that mention these terms, only if the terms are used on the internet that week. (One family member name is the same as a fisheries expert on the West Coast so I receive an alert with that name at least once a month.)

Have you set up any Google Alerts?