Easy DIY Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes

We love Halloween and will be celebrating this year with the Mouse himself on a Disney Cruise out of Galveston, Texas!!!

Here is an easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Homemade Mickey Mouse Halloween Costume that I put together for Stinkpot a few years ago. Our foster daughter, Blondie, was to be his Minnie, but she moved a few days before and so…


Here are the items you will need:

Black Turtleneck

Red Shorts

Black Stocking Tights

Yellow Crocs

White Gloves

Mouse Ears, of course!

Other Miscellaneous Supplies: Yellow Felt & Glue Dots to add yellow felt “buttons” to Mickey’s red shorts.

Mouse Makeup: I found that Black Cream Eyeliner with a brush is much easier than using a pencil eyeliner! Color in the nose! Smile and outline the cheeks, then add a line from the sides of mouth to cheek lines. Viola! A mouse!

Easy-peasy, Mouseketeers!

DIY Homemade Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

I became my Stinkpot’s Minnie Mouse date on Halloween…

Here I am with Blondie before she left…

For Minnie Mouse costume you will need the items listed above: Black Stocking Tights, Yellow Crocs, White Gloves, AND..

Red Polka Dot Dress

Minnie Mouse Ears

Easy-peasy, Mouseketeers!

handmade costumes for adults

Do you have plans for Halloween? Do your kids already know how they will dress? Or do they change their minds a million times before?


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  1. Penelope says

    Thanks, Kylee! It was so easy and he could wear it to daycare with no worries…
    What are you dressing up as this Halloween?


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