Protecting My Mexican Baby Against the Evil Eye

Our Baby’s Evil Eye Baby Bracelet

Five years ago, I received that life-changing call: “We have a 3-month-old baby boy that needs a home.”   He was absolutely a good and perfect gift from above! (James 1:17)

For the first time in my life, I fell in love at first sight! But there was another woman that was already in love with him.  This baby’s birthmother loved him, and she wanted him safe, even if not with her.

When Lil Bit arrived, on his tiny infant wrist was a little red bead bracelet – a “Deer’s Eye” bracelet or in Spanish “Ojo de Venado” bracelet. It had a big brown charm or “deer eye” bearing the image of Virgin Mary.  The big brown charm or “deer eye” is actually made from the dark brown seed of a plant known as Velvet Bean or Cowhage with the image of Virgin Mary and finished with a fluffy red tassel — some actually believe the charm to be an actual dried deer eye.


Evil Eye Meaning

The Ojo de Venado or Deer’s Eye charm is a Mexican form of magical protection against the evil eye.  The evil eye belief is that a person (not an evil person per se) — can harm you or your children by looking at them with envy and praising them without touching them.

The evil eye causes a sickness transmitted — usually without intention — by someone who is envious, jealous, or covetous.  “Mal de ojo” manifests itself as a feverish sickness that leaves a baby hot, uncomfortable and whiny.  So, when infants enter a home from outside, and are hot and cranky, the belief by many Mexicans is that someone had looked at them with a desire to touch them, and didn’t.

Egg and the Evil Eye

The ‘Mal de Ojo’ causes the baby to be hot and cranky, and the baby must be “cleaned” with an egg to take the illness away and calm them down.  The procedure it to take an egg and rub the baby’s body and head with it.  The egg is then cracked it into cup of water, and the water is then examined to ensure that the “evil” is removed.

Although our family doesn’t believe in the Mexican belief of the ‘Mal de Ojo’, we do signify its importance to the birthmother. Our Lil Bit’s Deer Eye bracelet has a special place on our Christmas tree.  That small ornament on our Christmas tree signifies a special gift from his birthmother that demonstrates her love for her baby boy and desire to protect him from harm.  Our baby is loved!