Will Your Smoke Detectors Pass a Fire Inspection?

Do you have enough smoke detectors to pass your fire inspection?

When we were seeking our license to become foster parents, one of the requirements is to pass a “FIRE INSPECTION.”  Fortunately, Texas lays out the requirements directly in the foster home and State Fire Marshal rules.

However, many states don’t specify the requirements for smoke detectors — you have to rely on finding these yourself or scheduling the fire inspection only to discover that you need another smoke detector.

Here are the requirements for smoke detectors to pass a fire inspection in all 50 states. Great resource for licensing foster homes.

For a fire inspection, the State of Texas requires working smoke detectors:

  • In every sleeping room;
  • In the hallway near sleeping rooms;
  • At the top of stairs in two-story homes (in addition to sleeping rooms).

The State Fire Marshal rules also state:

“Batteries shall be changed at least annually. Statistics show about one-third of the smoke detectors installed in homes are inoperative. When detectors are non-operational, the usual reason is dead or missing batteries.”

You can find other state fire marshal requirements for smoke detectors here

Energizer®, in partnership with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), strives to keep families safe through the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® program (CYCCYB).  

Households with non-working smoke alarms now outnumber those with no smoke alarms. (mostly due to dead batteries)

On this Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, November 2nd when you are already changing your clocks in your home — be sure to change and test the batteries in all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Do you have the required number of smoke detectors for your home?