Another Call for a Newborn Baby!

If you’ve been following along on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already heard the news.

Our 4-year-old, LilBit, has yet ANOTHER newborn sibling now in foster care!


And this makes Baby #8 to be removed and placed in foster care.

Five of the birthmother’s children were adopted together by a family friend who had questionable motives for adoption.

And our LilBit was #6.

Just a few days before LilBit’s adoption, we received a placement call for his newborn sibling (#7). (Read that story because, that day, we also received a call about our other son having a newborn sibling.) We lamented on whether to take another adoptive placement of a newborn from foster care. This is what happened.

So here we are, two years later, with Baby #8 in a group foster home, hundreds of miles away. Because the baby is in another area of the state, we don’t know how placement would work or even if it’s possible.

I am asking you to lift up this baby in prayer! And everyone involved in this baby’s life: the mother, the foster parents, the caseworkers, and us! God has a plan for this baby.  Stay tuned for the latest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!