Racism in Kids and the Cheerios Commercial Controversy

Racial tensions have exploded this month with Paula Deen’s racist remarks, the Travon Martin verdict, and this Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial couple that caused General Mills to disable the comments due to the inflammatory racial remarks made.

This is what Michael Twitty of Afroculinaria has to say about the Cheerios commercial controversy:

“Take for example the completely un-Christian and inhuman rage at Cheerios for their simple and very American ad showing a beautiful biracial girl talking to her white mother and pouring cereal on the chest of her Black father.  That Cheerio’s had to shut down the comments section says that the idea of inter-human relationships outside of one’s color bracket is for many hiding behind a computer screen—a sign of the apocalypse.  So just like those old spaghetti sauce ads, yes, America, racism—“it’s in there” even when we were prefer it not be.”

Check out what kids had to say about the Cheerios commercial controversy.

In this video, I didn’t catch what friend and fellow blogger, Martha Wood of Momsoap, pointed out in her post about the Cheerios commercial controversy:

It’s mostly white kids doing all the talking. There are eight white children. Two black children. One Asian child. And one child who looks biracial. The main child of color who talks is the Asian kid.

Are you telling me that you couldn’t find more black children for this video?

Talk about white privilege! I didn’t catch that this video was mostly white children talking about racism until Martha pointed it out.

What are your thoughts on the kids reaction to the Cheerios commercial?