The Blessings of an Adoption Baby Shower

Adoption is such a blessing! For those wanting to add to their families. For those birth mothers overwhelmed by motherhood. For the children who need a stable place to belong…forever.

This weekend, I was blessed to be part of a celebration of a child joining a family. I attended a baby shower of a close friend who received a call two weeks ago for a baby abandoned/relinquished upon birth at a Houston hospital. The birthmother went to the hospital because of extreme abdominal pain and was told she was in labor. She didn’t even know she was pregnant!

My sweet friend and her husband were in the last stages of their adoption paperwork when they received the call for this baby girl. They had to rush out to complete their fingerprinting before they could pick up their daughter.

The baby was referred to as a “drop” baby (as in unwanted) and placed in a foster home when she was released from the hospital.

The irony is that the adoption agency is Alternatives in Motion, the same adoption agency that my husband adopted his son, 21 years ago. Two other couples I know from Houston are listed as waiting families, although Amy & Tim recently added a baby boy to their family a few months ago.

This Christmas, in their newsletter to adoptive families, AIM sent a plea for help for birthmothers. Our Sunday School class sent a Christmas love offering.

Isn’t it amazing how blessings come full circle?

I am thrilled for my friend who is a natural at motherhood.

Last week, I asked fans on Facebook about gifts for an adoption baby shower. Thank you for your suggestions! Here is the haul (I did have to explain some of the items to this new mom!)