This is How Inefficient our Government Really Is

Have you read this book written by a former foster child?

We were so excited to finally adopt our Lil Bit! Now, over two months later, we are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new birth certificate!

Yesterday, while glancing through the mail, I saw a plain white envelope from the state Health and Human Services! I excitedly opened the envelope to find…

Lil Bit’s Medicaid card!

Printed on the card in bold was his new name! Our family name! Lil Bit’s first “official” card with our family’s name!

After our excitement waned, I began going through the rest of the mail. To my surprise, was another envelope from the state Health and Human Services, identical to the first. Could it be his birth certificate?

My curious hands opened the second envelope to find…

another Medicaid card!

Not a duplicate card. Another Medicaid card printed with Lil Bit’s BIRTH name!

So now we have TWO Medicaid cards with both of Lil Bit’s names. (Same Medicaid number, of course)

For those of you whose adopted children receive Medicaid, is this what normally happens?

How much longer until we receive Lil Bit’s birth certificate?  Which name will be printed on it?