Must Read: Former Foster Kid Jimmy Wayne’s Biography


Country music artist, Jimmy Wayne, has been a strong advocate for youth aging out of foster care -- because he was one of them.  In Jimmy Wayne's biography, WALK TO BEAUTIFUL: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way, he details his chaotic childhood of abandonment, homelessness, and juvenile delinquency. As a young child, he witnessed more than many … [Read more...]

If We Don’t Help, Who Will?


After learning about another child abuse case, from a family whom I used to know, I felt exhausted. I felt tired of the weight of such sadness... But my heart caught up with my mind, and I thought, "We either pretend these horrible stories don't exist or we do something about it. Because, if we don't help, who will?" I read about it, I heard of it, foster care is hard! … [Read more...]

When Your Child Is Throwing a Tantrum

Great tips for when my child is throwing a temper tantrum!

If your child is like mine, when things don't go their way,  they may haul off and throw a king-size "temper tantrum."  When this happens there are a few things that you should remember that will help de-escalate the situation quicker when your child is throwing a tantrum. When your child is throwing a tantrum: 1.  Remain calm and listen When you remain calm and listen … [Read more...]

My Home Is A Different Country For Him


How constant moving through foster homes can really hurt a child. Being 7 at the time, my foster son was very conscious of his life when he first came to live in our home. He had been in another foster home, where he had spent a full year. One of his first comments, once I introduced him to his very own bedroom was: "It smells here..." In reality, it didn't. I explained, "I … [Read more...]

Will Your Smoke Detectors Pass a Fire Inspection? #PoweringSafety


Do you have enough smoke detectors to pass your fire inspection? When we were seeking our license to become foster parents, one of the requirements is to pass a "FIRE INSPECTION."  Fortunately, Texas lays out the requirements directly in the foster home and State Fire Marshal rules. However, many states don't specify the requirements for smoke detectors -- you have to rely … [Read more...]