When Kids Bathtime is a Nightmare

Check out these tips for kids bathtime for spd and trauma

Is kids bathtime a total nightmare in  your home?  Do your children make you feel like taking a bath is some form of punishment for them? Could some sort of trauma be triggered at bathtime? 10 Tips for Kids Bathtime: Try a sponge bath for while.  Start with just a bucket of water in an empty bathtub and  let her play in the bucket of water.  Then try adding 1/2 inch … [Read more...]

A Skeptic’s Honest Review after Using Essential Oils

Could using essential oils really work? Read this skeptics experience.

Could using essential oils actually help my child's behavior? I have read tons of testimonials of people who swear that using essential oils changes the lives of their children and families. After using essential oils, they claim their children are calmer, sleep better, are more attentive, etc. I'm a biologist by trade so I was skeptical about all the hoopla I'd been … [Read more...]

What I Learned from Cancer in 2014

Be the MOM you want them to remember! #motherhood #cancer #quote

As I fell to the floor in pain on the morning of February 25th last year, I had no idea how quickly it would change our 2014 and our future as a family. Two weeks later, I was in surgery and learned that the biopsy results indicated ovarian cancer - probably at a later stage. I was numb -- in shock. I began questioning God: "Why would you do this? Is this all you have planned … [Read more...]