Questions and Answers About Fostering

Questions about being a foster parent

If you are following me on Instagram, then you'll know that every Friday, I ask questions about fostering now with the hashtag #FosterCareQuestions.  I've really enjoyed reading about all the different experiences of foster parents from all over. I've found a very strong community of other foster and adoptive parents on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? Some of my favorite … [Read more...]

Doing Laundry as a Foster Parent + Giveaway

A foster child has to stuff all their belongings into a trash bag. Help kids in foster care.

He came to our door with all his clothes in a trash bag. This neglected preschooler didn't have much.  He had been fending for himself, and I was amazed at his maturity. At three years old, he didn't use many words, but he knew how to use a microwave. This beautiful child hadn't been bathed in a long while, and it took numerous baths to finally remove the ingrained dirt … [Read more...]

Silly Song to Teach Children to Control Emotions


My kids and I loved the Disney/Pixar movie, Inside Out! (Have you read my Inside Out movie review for foster/adoptive parents?) What makes the Inside Out movie a great tool in parenting is that it gives kids a language to talk about ways to control emotions they are feeling. Getting your children to talk about their emotions can be quite frustrating as a parent. Here’s … [Read more...]

What I Learned When I Rode a Roller Coaster with My Son


Now that my son is getting older (he just turned 8) - he recently re-introduced me to the “joy” of riding roller coasters, and at SeaWorld, no doubt! Did you know SeaWorld rides include roller coasters? When was the last time you rode a roller coaster? We are talking decades for me! Last time I rode a roller coaster, I had a “Rachel” haircut and my CD collection was comprised … [Read more...]

The One Thing You MUST Do When Your Child Misbehaves


Remaining calm during times of chaos is THE single important parenting technique you can master. I've discovered that if my child misbehaves in some way, my reaction to the behavior amazingly determines what happens next. It's funny how I've discovered that I can apply what I learned (and forgotten) in high school science class 20 years ago to parenting my children … [Read more...]