Saying goodbye to a foster child is the most heart-wretching part of being a foster parent.  Laura wrote about her heartbreak shortly after her last placement left – after almost a year as part of her family.

How do you say goodbye to a child?
How do you explain why they cannot live with you anymore while hoping they do not feel rejected by you?
How can you give a child the most consistency & stability they have ever had and then just say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to the children you have loved as your own for the past year?
How do you have a baby from day 2 of his life and say goodbye at 7 mos?
When you are the only mommy he knows?
When he looks for you?
When you are the one whom he feels the separation anxiety from?

Excerpted from They Call Me Mommy


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foster-parent-bloggerLaura Bohmann Chapman has a HUGE heart for foster care and adoption! She and her husband have 3 biological kids in addition to foster children! She is passionate about helping others be themselves, home decor, especially creatively decorating on a budget. She is semi-addicted to thrift store shopping, antiques, and furniture rehab. She writes at Truly Me.


Probably because of how and where I was raised, I have usually approached discussions of race with trepidation – if at all. But since embarking on the adventure of transracial parenting, I’ve begun to realize that I have a duty to my son to have these conversations…

Learning the Lessons of Transracial Parenting: NOT Colorblind

Before becoming a transracial parent, I prided myself on being “colorblind”. I truly believed that the best answer was to ignore skin color. And I would get very irritated if anyone else used race as a descriptor. If I was forced to physically describe a person of color, I would mention gender, height, build and then whisper “black”, like I was saying a bad word. I was just so uncomfortable even discussing race that I did my best to ignore it. I steadfastly and earnestly believed this was the best non-racist approach, until I realized I was going to be the forever mommy of a gorgeous little black boy…


foster-ducklingsDuck Mommy is a [mostly] happily-married, Christian foster mom and infertility survivor blogging about life as the head duck-wrangler of a three-ring traveling circus.  In between herding ducks, saving starfish and her full-time adventures with an infant, 2 toddlers, 3 teenagers, 3 dogs, and 3 cats, she shares her experiences, point-of-view and lessons learned at Foster Ducklings.


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