Early childhood trauma can radically change the way a child’s brain experiences a situation. Trauma causes the brain to go survival mode which triggers the FEAR response (flight, fight, or freeze). When a traumatized child is in FEAR response, the brain shuts off the thinking […]

4 Questions to Ask When Early Childhood Trauma Causes Behavior ...

How do you react when your child is having a meltdown? Let’s say that for whatever reason, you have to say “no” to your child, your child can’t have something, or get their way about something, etc. No matter how small the issue seems to […]

What Do You Do When Your Child Is Having a ...

As 20+ kids came in and out of my home through my years as foster parent, I thought that the strife of parenting traumatized children was simply part of the journey — what you signed up for, per se. I knew of many other foster […]

3 Steps To Being A Peaceful Parent And Ending The ...

Parenting trauma is a totally different way of parenting. Basically, you have to throw out what you know about parenting (which is probably how you were parented), and become “child-centered” in your approach to parenting your traumatized child. What does this mean? Here’s an example […]

How Parenting Trauma Differently Can Turn Into Special Moments

Albert Wilson, Jr. is a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs who grew up in Florida’s foster care system.  Albert was placed in the Florida foster system twice – the second time he was in the system for 6 years until he aged out […]

4 Important Truths a Foster Kid in the NFL Can ...

Open letter to family and friends of foster families during the Holidays….. I never thought I’d be writing one of these silly “open letter” things but there are just a few things I need to address. Now simmer down and don’t be offended if you […]

Open Letter To Friends and Family of Foster Parents

The keepsake ornaments you put on your Christmas tree can document memories for years to come. When I purchased my very first Christmas tree as an adult, I simply bought glass ornaments to make a pretty tree. But that changed one year, when I saw […]

GIVEAWAY: Hallmark Adoption Keepsake Ornaments

November is National Adoption Month!! In celebration, I’m presenting an encore presentation of the Adoption HEART Conference!!! The Adoption HEART Conference is a free online event that kicks off on Tuesday, November 1st and runs through November 7th. Free sign up here. As an adoptive […]

Why You MUST Sign Up for this Adoption Conference