I’m so excited!!! This weekend, the Adoption HEART Conference finally takes off beginning this Sunday, May 1st through Friday, May 6th. With over 20 video sessions with experts of various experiences and views on adoption, the Adoption HEART Conference is an invaluable resource for adoptive parents or […]

Don’t Miss These Sessions at the online Adoption HEART Conference

The Adoption HEART Conference is almost here!!! I’m so excited!! {disclosure: I’m really nervous!!} The Adoption HEART Conference is a free online event taking place May 1st through May 6th. As an adoptive parent, I’ve struggled with navigating the unique challenges that come with parenting […]

Free Online Adoption Conference

Graduation is around the corner. Graduating from college is an accomplishment that is sadly reserved for only 9% of low-income students receive a college diploma.[source: CNN Money] Our amazing niece, Lydia, has overcome many obstacles, including growing up poor, to achieve the incredible accomplishment of […]

This Girl is in the 9 Percent That Accomplish This

As a foster parent, I have never been privy to the removal of a child placed in foster care. The process after a child enters foster care is quite complicated and can have a number of outcomes. Before a child enter the foster care system, […]

How Children Enter the Foster Care System

I lost my dad to cancer 29 years ago this week. One of my favorite memories of my dad was a funny recipe he created on Dr. Seuss’ birthday so many years ago. This memory still brings a smile to my face.  On March 2nd […]

Dr. Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2 Party Snack

This is so true. You must make your new child feel safe. Especially with foster care adoption.
One major mistake I made when my two sons came home as older children, was treating them the same as I treated my biological child. Since all my children were similar in age, I expected they would have similar interests, and we would connect in […]

The First Step in Bonding with Your Adopted Child