About Mie

hat a big question! At the very basic level I'm a Christian woman in my early 30s happily living in Texas after being raised in California. My husband and I have been married about a decade. We entered into parenthood with a biological child in 2006 and then became foster parents in 2010 after learning of our infertility (sterility). My given name is Marie, but I often go by Mie, especially online. That's Mie, said like Me, as in Auntie Mie - when my nephews and nieces were born years ago early on they had trouble saying Marie. Instead of Auntie Marie it was Auntie Mie. It was cute and it stuck - when they were old enough to say my name properly we corrected them and Auntie Mie is now "my name" - even though some are entering their teenage years I'm still Auntie Mie. Their mom is Auntie K to my kids - it works out. Aside from being a wife & a mom, I work in corporate America primarily in adult learning & strategic planning roles (I know they don't seem to go together, but they do I assure you!) and I have spent a good amount of time in Academia over the past several years working toward a Ph.D. (I'm ALMOST done!).