A Trauma Mama’s Prayer

As a trauma mama to a traumatized child, I can sometimes feel so overwhelmed and hopeless when experiencing the secondary trauma from my child’s past. {Have you joined our private Facebook community?}

At our new church home in the Texas Hill Country, I joined a women’s Bible study based on The Warrior Mom Handbook.  For the first time in many years, I experienced something amazing and special – I quickly felt like I belonged with this diverse group of mothers.  The bond created during our weekly time together was due to a true sisterhood in Christ as we are on the same mission field as mothers.

Through this study, coupled with The War Room movie, I learned about prayer, spiritual warfare, and the true enemy.

A Trauma Mama’s Prayer


This is the prayer I wrote to cover my traumatized child:

Oh Heavenly Father,

Please hold me, comfort me, and lift me up!  Our precious child needs your power to overcome the demons he faces each morning and every day. The demons aren’t his to fight alone.  You are God — the demons know this and tremble! (James 2:19)

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Help him see that he can depend on others to love him — that the world, and especially his family, love him and want to protect him and help him heal from his past.

Healing is what you can do.  All powerful healing. You perform miracles. You can heal all, Lord.

I lift up my child to you. Give the specialists wisdom to find an answer to his problems – answers that provide healing.

Your love overflows! Fill me up with your love so that it overflows into my son. Show me that sweet, loving boy again with that perfect little nose you gave him. His is such an amazing gift – and you gave him amazing talents. Please, Lord, don’t let those talents be wasted. Let those talents be a glorifying of your name because those talents are yours and yours alone.  This little boy is your masterpiece (Psalm 139:14), and I give you this amazing little boy who has brought me so much joy.  Flow through him so that he can become joyful again.

Dissipate that anger – anger that he doesn’t remember.  Resolve the anger, calm the anger, destroy the anger. He has a full life ahead that Satan is trying to destroy. Destroy the enemy! You are powerful! (2 Timothy 4:18) You can overcome this trauma for my son.


The earth quakes but my soul is calm. You have the power to calm my fears, to make me a mother that can help guide my son through this darkness.  It won’t be dark here forever. Let your light shine through our lives that lights the path you want us to take. You guide our steps. All these decisions about my son’s care is up to you. Show us the right answers.

Shower us with your hope and blessings for our son. He is your child and I lift him up to you as a gift. Help me appreciate the incredible blessing of that gift. Every perfect gift comes from you.  I prayed for this child before you created this child that you knew would be my son.  Thank you for allowing me to be his mother. AMEN