How Adoption Changed Our Story

November is National Adoption Month and a time to celebrate the unique way families grow via the miracle of adoption.  Each adoption story is unique and woven together in a special way.


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DAY ONE – FACT  Nearly 102,000 children that are currently available for adoption from the foster care system in the United States simply need a parent!  Not a perfect parent, but a parent perfect for them! More than 30 percent (31,000) of these foster kids are between the ages of 11 and 17.

FACT: Over 100,000 children in #fostercare in the U.S. are available for #adoption.

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DAY 2 – INTRODUCTIONS DAY 3 – THOUGHTS BEFORE ADOPTION You can read more of my infertility struggle.


DAY 5 – OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVES The perspective of others can sometimes be insensitive and other times downright hurtful. My family just didn’t understand the importance of our son’s adoption.  I was elated on our adoption day but still felt intense grief due to my mother’s rejection.

DAY 6 – HOW WE MET We have 3 sons each through the miracle of adoption. Our oldest son was adopted via a private adoption, yet the youngest two sons were adopted via foster care. You can download the full story of our youngest son’s adoption.

HOW WE MET: Our oldest became our #son via a private #adoption. Steve rushed to Houston when birth mom went into labor, but Bubba couldn’t wait to make his appearance. His birth mom gave him a notebook about her & the dad with photos, letters, & fun facts – we still have it. Our middle son, JD, came to us as a #baby for #fostercare only. He lit up my heart when the CW was still holding & he smiled at me with only two bottom teeth. So sick & congested, he only slept 15 minutes at a time that first miserable night. He officially became our #son 2 years later. Our #babyboy, LilBit, came as a call just before Christmas at 4 months old as a legal risk #placement going immediately to adoption. Lots of crazy court cases before we adopted him 2 years later on #NationalAdoptionDay. #KnitTogetherByAdoption   A photo posted by Penelope Webster (@foster2forever) on

DAY 7 – OTHER HOMES Our middle son, JD, was placed in another foster home before he joined our family.


DAY 10 CULTIVATING BIRTHFAMILY CULTURE  We don’t celebrate our son’s Mexican culture to the same extent as our American culture.


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