I Judged Birthfamily Until I Became One

Judgment! If we are honest, we’ve all done it! And especially, as a foster parent, and hearing the stories of the children in my care, I’ve judged the birthfamily.  How could a parent choose a party, a boyfriend, or drugs over caring for a baby?


Then one day, I received a call for a placement; however, this call wasn’t about one of THOSE families – it was a call about a child from my own family.

Child Protective Services was removing the baby from a family member – and in all honestly, we all knew the child wasn’t safe in those conditions.

I Became the Birthfamily

All of a sudden, the tables were turned and I was the one being judged, even by the CPS caseworker – just for being a member of THAT family.  And would you believe, that even though I was a licensed foster parent, the caseworker did not want to place the baby with us?  My requests to bring the baby into our family were met with deaf ears, and my frustrations with the foster care system increased, albeit from another angle.  A paradigm shift, for sure.


In this touching film, various moms come together and discuss judgement they felt (and even gave).  And watch for the moment when you learn the surprising backstories.


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Disclosure: I am honored to partner with Similac to #EndMommyWars and support other moms rather than place judgement.