Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine Box

Looking for a Valentine box ideas for boys? Check out how I made a Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine box for my son!

Check out this Star Wars Darth Vader Valentine box! Great idea for boys!

With all the excitement for the release of the new Star Wars movie, I created this amazing and easy Darth Vader Valentine box for boys (or girls). Check out these other Valentine box ideas for boys and these Valentine boxes too.

Although I have only seen the first three Star Wars movies, my boys now enjoy the characters. With our oldest 24-year-old son, Bubba, at home right now, I asked him to take his 8-year-old little brother to see the new movie for a bonding time. This was an experiment since the older son still picks on his little brothers. Surprisingly, both boys enjoyed their time together.

Making this Darth Vader Valentine box was actually quite easy.
Shoebox (I used a black one)
Black paint (if you need to paint it)
Large popcorn bucket
Black duct tape
Large googly eyes (optional)
Darth Vader mask
Old black t-shirt or cloth for cape
Hot glue
Scotch tape

1. Cut a hole for the Valentines in the shoebox.
2. Paint the shoebox black, if needed.
3. Wrap popcorn bucket with black duct tape. You can try to paint it but I wasn’t sure how well the paint would stick to the popcorn bucket’s waxy coating.
4. Attach googly eyes to covered/painted popcorn bucket where eyes can be seen through mask. (optional – I thought it was cute)
5. Attach mask to popcorn bucket. We didn’t glue ours since it fit so well.
6. Cut old black t-shirt around the neck cuff in front and shape into cape in the back. (Leaving the neck cuff gave an easy way to attach the cape around the box.)
7. Attach cape to one end of the box. Secure top of cape with staples or hot glue.
8. Stick Darth Vader head on Valentine box. Secure with hot glue if desired. Our head fit perfectly snug on box so that it could be easily be pulled off and put back on again.
9. Make name card (I.e. Darth Jackson) using a Star Wars font.
10. Take a picture and tag @foster2forever on Instagram or Twitter. Or share your creation on my Facebook page.

Add name to box using