VIDEO: Our Last Minute Vacation & Foster Parenting Update

The majority of this summer, our family was larger by 2 foster children.  A little girl that we thought would be a good playmate for our 6-year-old was a parenting challenge. Plus, I had forgotten just how HARD it is to take care of an infant, especially one that is already exhibiting signs of hyperactivity with NO napping.  We were ALL stressed out.

When the foster children left at the end of July, we realized that our family had been so busy in this chaos, that we hadn’t planned a summer vacation!  After the stress of constant bickering, we ALL needed a nice break!

After discussing our options, we were excited about a getaway to the Dallas Metroplex, and opted to stay in Arlington with all the family activities there.

Check out my video of our day at the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark! (Listen to the lyrics of the song, Gone, Gone, Gone:  “You will never be alone. I’ll love long after you are gone, gone, gone.

Thanks for watching!

Did you sneak in a summer vacation with your family? Where did you travel?