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Traumatic childhood experiences, such as child abuse and neglect, can have long-term effects.  Foster parents must be able to address a foster child’s trauma as an important component of caring for the child.  The impact of trauma is experienced by everyone involved…children, families, caregivers, and even the social service providers who serve children and families within the child welfare system.

In Texas, each foster and adoptive parent must receive trauma-informed care training annually.  Each newly-verified foster parent or approved adoptive parent must receive trauma-informed care training within 60 days foster home verification or adoptive home approval.

Foster parents can complete the free online Trauma-Informed Care Training on the State’s public website:

In order to receive credit for this 2-hour online training, foster or adoptive parents must:

  • Complete the whole training.
  • Make at least a 70% on the post-test.
  • Print the Certificate of Completion of Trauma-Informed Care Training at the end of the training.
  • Provide a copy of the Certificate of Completion of Trauma-Informed Care Training to your caseworker.

After completing the training, foster or adoptive parents will also be able to download a copy of the training to use as a guide.

Foster parents can also take this free online foster home training for psychotropic medications.

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  1. phyllis says

    Are there any foster parenting classes all online, except for finger printing, walk throughs, and fire inspections? How long are classes good for once theyve been taken? I wish to complete my cert but wish to wait a year before I take in kids and the reason is Im going through chemo right now. I have taken classes in the past through blair and completed all of it but the walk through and getting my cert or maybe they have it. Thats was back in like 2009-2010

  2. says

    Or you could just skip to the end of the test, answer with 100% accuracy, and get a certificate that says “2-hours”. Not that I’m saying I’d do that. Or do it for my husband for that matter.

    I do think this is a great requirement, just wish it was more intensive. Trauma-informed care is such a big need I wish all people related to the care system really got it.
    Check out what Mie recently posted..Maybe (new) Baby?

    • Penelope says

      Lol! I think there needs to be more training on actual parenting strategies. Recognizing signs of trauma is okay, but we have to PARENT these traumatized kids. My one cent.

      • Myia Johnson says

        Any family that plans to foster, foster-to-adopt, or adopt is required to complete a comprehensive preservice training called PRIDE. PRIDE is usually taught over a 9 week period and addresses the developmental needs, grief/loss, discipline strategies, working with birth families, etc. After that, there is also a home study process before a family is approved. So, it takes more than a PowerPoint on trauma. This training is most likely a supplementary training as certified foster families must also complete no less than 22 hours of training each year for their license to be renewed. :)

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