Hearing the Call of Foster Children

It was faint at first, but it’s been getting louder and louder lately. Now to a point that it’s deafening.

“You have to do more for the kids!”

More? We’ve been foster parents to seven children and adopted two of them.  I write this blog to encourage others to do more for children in foster care. Our foster home is open for more placements.

Is there more that I can do for foster children?

Through this blog, I’ve been presented with opportunities to do more for foster children. But time constraints keep me from moving forward.  However, God keeps nudging me and giving me every indication that He wants more from me.  (Have you read Kisses from Katie?)

James 1:27 tells Christians to look after the orphans.  Am I?

He keeps opening doors – and even windows around me!

Our church does not have an orphan ministry.  A large, growing church with two full Sunday morning services.  As a church, we can do more!

He is convincing me – convicting me:  It’s me He wants to do more….

Does your church have an orphan ministry? Any advice?