A Stressed Out Child

This week has been quite stressful on our family. Last Sunday, we had an emergency room scare with our 2-year-old, Lil Bit. Then Wednesday, FosterDad had surgery on his jaw.  Not only has FosterDad been out of sorts, but Stinkpot has been more than his usual handful!

child-stress-tantrumHis play therapist noticed his elevated behavior Friday.

Then Sunday, the Children’s Minister took me aside to discuss Stinkpot’s disruptive behavior.  I really didn’t know what to say.

And I really don’t know what more to do…

Please pray for Stinkpot and our family!

  • Stinkpot’s sense of security;
  • FosterDad’s healing and recovery;
  • My sibling in a pending divorce involving an unborn child;
  • LilBit’s baby brother recovering from surgery;
  • Aurora shooting victims and their families.

Big hugs to each of you!