Babywearing: A Different Way to Form Attachment?

Promoting attachment and bonding with our traumatized little ones can certainly be a challenge. When Maura of Fostering Awareness wrote about babywearing, my redneck response was: “Babywearing? What in the tarnation is that?”


Babywearing is one of the principles of attachment parenting taught by renowned pediatrician, Dr. Sears, to foster a secure attachment between an infant and caregiver.

WOW! I had only seen baby carriers as just another way to transport your baby, not as a means of attachment.

I had a baby carrier for Stinkpot for a very short time and used it only on rare occasions.

Could “wearing” our severely-neglected 8-month-old Stinkpot have helped with his attachment issues?  Would wearing him more have helped him attach more?

As with any parenting method, there are pros and cons of babywearing – and, of course, everyone has an opinion. What’s yours?

How has babywearing affected attachment and bonding with your traumatized little ones?

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