What Does the SuperBowl Have to Do With Adoption?

Usually the SuperBowl has absolutely nothing to do with adoption – But this Sunday, SuperBowl XLVI can be different.

Are you having a SuperBowl party or watching the big game with friends?

Tony Dungy, the SuperBowl-winning former coach of the Indianapolis Colts and adoptive father, is taking the orphan crisis to American families through a video download kit. This free kit is available to everyone to be shown at game watching parties anywhere.

Dungy and his wife, Lauren, who have adopted 4 children, and are sharing their personal thoughts about adoption and the current orphan crisis through the Adoption Journey Project.

Their hope is to encourage more Christians to consider adoption.

“The big win on Super Sunday would be to raise awareness about the millions of children who need a family. I would love to see thousands of local community groups and circles of friends gathering together to stop and consider how they can help.”

What can you do to promote adoption this SuperBowl Sunday?

If you are hosting or attending a SuperBowl party, you can promote adoption by:

  • Download the free video kit to show at the party

If you have a blog, you can promote adoption by:

  • Write to your readers, encouraging your readers to promote adoption this SuperBowl Sunday

If you have a Facebook account, you can promote adoption by:

If you are on Twitter, you can promote adoption by:

  • Tweet this post and use hashtag #DungyForAdoption

If you are part of a church family, you can promote adoption by:

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