Medicating Our Explosive Child

This breaks my heart. Our Stinkpot has now had two major out-of-control rages at preschool in the last two weeks. The preschool has informed us that they are not capable of handling a child that will punch their teacher in the face. And we understand. The school has to have an environment that is safe for everyone.

Last year, when Stinkpot got kicked out of his second daycare due to his rages, I took Family Medical Leave from my job and stayed with him more with him in Mothers Day Out part-time.

Photo courtesy of Rodrigo Senna

We also took him to a child psychiatrist to evaluate him. As Stinkpot was literally climbing the walls, tables, and shelves, the doctor knew there was definitely some hyperactivity issues. He wanted to take a conservative approach toward medication. We like that!

The doctor prescribed a calming drug before moving onto psychotropic medications.

For the first two days our Stinkpot was on that medication, he slept.  And I cried! I didn’t want my energetic baby turned into a zombie!  FosterDad encouraged me to wait a few more days as Stinkpot adjusted to the medication.

Our Stinkpot did well all last spring and summer on that drug until a couple of weeks ago.  Now we have to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the medication with the doctor today and examine alternatives.

I realize that every child and every situation is different, but have you had to medicate your child? What was the outcome?

Thank you for helping me feel less alone in this!