Applying for Foster Care Subsidy

We are adopting Lil Bit, our 2-year-old foster boy, on National Adoption Day!!!    Only 23 months and 3 days after that 3-month-old baby was placed in our home.  It took only 23 months…

On Saturday, we met with our State adoption worker. He gave us forms to complete for Lil Bit’s adoption.

The first form is a 4-page Child Information Form, which asks many detailed questions about the child’s personality, eating habits, bedtime and wake-up schedule, development, etc.  This form is mainly useful for children being adopted by a family other than the foster family.  However, we are still required to complete the form.  We completed this form for our Stinkpot’s adoption, over 2 years ago now.

I Actually Go By "Bob Visual Novel" Now

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The other form is the Adoption Assistance Request (Form 2250), i.e. request for subsidy. We did know that a minority or older child or sibling group was eligible for subsidy for medical coverage and Texas college tuition assistance; however, we did not realize that there could be monthly financial assistance to raise adopted children.  The adoption worker also pointed out that our attorney’s fees could be covered for the adoption.  We did not know about these incentives.

In Texas, the foster children eligible for subsidy generally are the harder-to-adopt:

  • Minority children (including Hispanic) over the age of 2;
  • Any child over the age of 5;
  • Disabled children;
  • Sibling groups.

However, even with these incentives, there are over 100,000 children in foster care waiting for their forever families.  Maybe you can adopt?

Thanks to our friends on Facebook for all your support! We are in the home stretch to adopt our baby boy! We will keep you posted as we go through this process…