Inefficiency in Foster Care Court Hearings

Sometimes the court hearings for foster children are a complete waste of time. The so-called status hearings anyway…

“Nothing has changed, your honor, since the last hearing six months ago.” I guess it’s a necessary part of the process to make sure no child gets lost in the foster care system.
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However, last Friday, I received an email from our attorney ($60 to be billed later) stating that there is a status hearing for our 18-month-old foster boy, Lil Bit, scheduled for Tuesday, and we should plan to attend.

I shouldn’t have a problem with this, should I? But I do…

Here’s my problem:  The final termination hearing is scheduled for two weeks later!  Why have 2 hearings?

I’m sending an email back to my attorney (another $60 plus) to request that the status hearing be postponed until the final hearing.

Sounds reasonable, right?

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Hugs! ~penelope