Use Playful Scenarios to Get Your Defiant Child to Cooperate

Day 33 and we feel as if we are making no progress!
Our defiant 3-year-old, Stinkpot, is challenging us to no end.

The Karate KidToday, I had to carry him kicking, screaming and hitting me in the face into his karate class. Once he finally calmed himself down, he had a GREAT time! However, once the class ended, he ran around everywhere and was demanding a helmet. I had to carry him out kicking and screaming.

Same thing at home. Refused to eat dinner and demanding he was hungry for cake. We are so discouraged!

Today, before leaving for karate class, his Football Guys (which are a GREAT toy for creative play) were strewn all over the living room. As usual, he refused to pick them up. So I began to race him to each piece that would be thrown away if I reached it first. We were laughing as we raced and had the toys picked up in no time.

Today, I learned that by using playful scenarios, Stinkpot will inadvertently cooperate. Am I teaching him responsibility or just trying to keep the peace? Right now, the latter.

We are so tired of our home being a war zone.

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