Our Love Story – The Night We First Talked

I’m really dragging this out, aren’t I? Here is the next part of our love story as told by my foxy husband, Steve!

The first part of this story is when Steve arrives at our church (as told by me). Read it first!
Then, don’t forget to read his side of the beginning!
And then read my side of our first conversation.

The story continues…(according to Steve)

After the long, uncomfortable 15-hour drive to another state, I had gotten very little sleep. I did, however, manage to meet most of the young people on the bus.

The second night at camp, after our group devotion, several of the young people came up to me and told me that this cute little brunette I had met on the bus, was upset and needed to talk to one of the counselors. I made my way to her and asked her if I could help.

That night, she opened up to me, sharing all that was going on in her life. We talked and talked for nearly 4 hours. By the time we got to our rooms, it was 2 am and everyone in both dorms was fast asleep. As a counselor, I was in big trouble!

But, the hours we spent talking that first night would only be a small dent in the many hours we would spend talking when we returned home.

Upon the return to Central Texas, it became our ritual after each church service to meet by the propane tank at the back of the church. Sometimes, we each would share what was going on in our lives, and other times, we would just be silly and joke around. Each week, we would talk for hours, and it was always very late when we would finally say our last goodbyes.

One night after church, we had talked for several hours when I realized how late it had actually gotten. I felt guilty and insisted that I drive her home (she usually walked to and from church). I felt I needed to apologize to her father for keeping her out so late. I’m not sure Penny ever knew how scared I was to approach her father that night, (I thought there was a chance he might shoot me), but he was gracious and thanked me for driving her home.

Our friendship grew deeper during that summer and I began to care very deeply for this young girl, though dating her at this time was totally out of the question…

Come back next week for the rest of the story…

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