What a busy life I have! Not just being a working mom of 4, but those “other duties as assigned”. Of course, those “other duties” are of my own making.

  • I’m proud that I was able to organize a successful fundraiser for our local cancer charity on May 22nd – collecting over $6,000!
  • My stepson graduated from high school on June 3rd!
  • Last Thursday, Brian Birdwell came to our home for a “Meet and Greet” party. [He’s running for a vacant state senate seat in our area – the election is next Tuesday]

I’m ready for a little reprieve! Now my hubby and I are planning a vacation next month to Maui!

And do we need a vacation!  We became foster parents over 2 years ago and have only spent ONE night away together. We really NEED this vacation!!!!

Y’all have a blessed week!